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Our Mission Statement

To enrich, enhance, and expand educational opportunities for our students and teachers through effective fundraising and the efficient allocation of resources.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Foundation is to be an important source of additional revenue, resources, and support for Shoal Creek Elementary School.  As a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, the Foundation raises funds on its behalf and distributes to support projects mutually identified by the school site and members.

What is the Difference Between Foundation and PTA?

Both 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations share a goal of enhancing our children’s education; however, they are governed differently with respect to how they raise and spend money.  The PTA is a national child and family advocacy organization and is bound by national and state by-laws which dictate how fundraising is achieved and how funds are implemented into programs. The Foundation is a strictly local organization and can pursue as much fundraising as necessary to achieve its stated goals, has greater discretion over monies raised, and is not subject to state-mandated processes.

Our History

Established in 2002 as a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, the Foundation provides fiscal resources to enhance the learning opportunities for all of our students and to support the educational goals of Shoal Creek Elementary School.The volunteer members of the Foundation represent the school community (with children of varying ages, business owners, etc.) and also include the Principal and staff members. The Foundation raises funds and distributes the monies to support projects mutually identified by the school site and members.

Through the generous donations from Shoal Creek families and local businesses, the Foundation has supported the following invaluable resources since its inception:  

  • Music teacher
  • Impact teachers
  • Computer specialist
  • Compass Learning
  • Raz-Kids
  • DreamBox Learning
  • Installation of state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard
  • Document cameras and projectors for every classroom
  • Classroom supply budgets
  • Custodial cart
  • Bulletin boards for Library
  • LaserJet printers to support all teachers
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